Over 20 months has passed, and over 5750kms later, we made it to our destination. we flew down to Pictou County Nova Scotia and finished our final walk.

  It was raining the day of the walk.  Family joined us on the last 12kms.  

Once we reached the finish line, we celebrated with champagne.  We all held balloons, and each one of us said the one thing we believed in our hearts we were not able to do……..and then we just let it go.  Believing there is NOTHING you cannot do.

This was a journey of emotional healing as well.

I saw my mother.  I saw places that I needed to see.  I said things that needed to be said.  I started the healing process of some very old wounds.  

I laid my father to rest.  I said goodbye.

I crossed this finish line, and I did it  insulin free.

To our family and friends, i am so grateful. I am looking forward to our next adventure.











2 thoughts on “A JOURNEY COMPLETED

  1. Polly and Mike, you have completed your journey! So proud of you. It is such a good feeling to heal wounds. We are at that age where we need to finish. Thanks for keeping me posted on your life plan.

  2. I can not even tell you how much joy is in my heart right now. I am so happy for you Polly and so very proud of you both . …you inspire me everyday!!!
    I love you both very much

    Connie xox

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